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search imageThe War Between Search and Social Media

I was somewhat hesitant to right this article for the blog but after a ton of research, case studies and comparing site after site, I noticed a huge trend.  Now, there may be some that will come out and try to prove me wrong on the things I am about to say, but they’re going to be hard pressed to prove me wrong.  Not trying to sound arrogant, but the research speaks for itself.

Our company manages many websites and we monitor a wide variety of sites which include attorney sites, dental, flooring, accounting, and many other service based sites.  I keep a very close eye on changes in traffic after Google updates and we look for trends based on the time of year and even what news is spreading across the country.  We have noticed at times that when there is uncertainty in the news, people pull back on spending money and don’t do as many searches as they do when the sentiment is more positive.

As I have been monitoring sites for the past months, I started zeroing in on attorney sites in particular.  We have tools that measure and allow us to see what terms are being searched and bring traffic to the site.  We are also able to see what traffic comes directly across the server and the keyword terms that caused that traffic.  However, when I measured the traffic coming to the site in my search tools, I noticed they didn’t match what was coming across the server which is the more accurate numbers.  When I looked at the graphs my tools created for search, you would see a steady decline.  Looks almost disheartening to see it.  Yet, the traffic overall is very strong when you look at the server stats.

Then when you hear the news from Google that their advertising revenues for Google Adwords is down by 15%, that sends us another message and makes us ask the question “where are people spending their time online?”  That answer is very clear…”Social Media.”

Ask yourself the question…”Where do people spend the majority of their time?”  They are on Facebook…they are tweeting…posting pictures to Instagram…pinning on Pinterest.  Traffic is down in search but up when it comes to social media.  These social media giants are driving people by the bus loads to websites, blogs and video sharing sites.  Why?  Because people follow other people…they don’t follow search…they follow people and they go where their friends are recommending they go and they are buying what their friends are recommending they buy.

Social Media Can Drive Search

The cool thing about social media is that it can drive search.  Someone asks a question and immediately people start looking for an answer.  I cannot tell you how many times I have gone looking for information to link to in order to validate something I was saying or to provide a solution to a problem from a trusted source.  It happens all the time day in and day out.

Pinterest is driving business as ladies see recipes posted on there and then they run out to by the ingredients for that recipe to try themselves.  People have gotten ideas for crafts that have turned into income for them and their families by seeing some of these ideas on Pinterest.  Amazing isn’t it.

We check in on Foursquare at a restaurant or local business and then leave comments about our experiences or what we were doing there.  This peaks the interest of those we share it with who then find themselves going there based on the experience of a friend.

Social Media Will Continue To Business

Social media is not going away.  It will continue to drive business and build relationships.  It is the ultimate referral machine and if you and your business are not taking advantage of it, you will set yourself up for failure.  Don’t put your head in the sand and hope it goes away.  Join the conversations and build the relationships and your business will grow and thrive.

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