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facebook-iconFacebook Advertising For Your Business is Easy and Profitable

As you probably know, Facebook has surpassed 1 billion users and the number of people using Facebook everyday is staggering.  People are connecting on levels that just a few years ago weren’t even thought of.  What this has done is change the way we do business and especially how we market our businesses.  We can now get in front of a very targeted audience and a relative low cost and see dramatic returns on our investments.  In short…we need to be effectively using this traffic generating tool to connect with new customers and then continue our conversations with them through this powerful platform.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you looking for a new and cost effective way to reach more customers?
  • Have you advertised on Google or other platforms and felt you through your money away?
  • Do you want to take you business Facebook page up to another level.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading.

Why and How Facebook Ads Work For Local Businesses

  1. Facebook allows you to connect with potential customers, clients or patients on a more personal level.  It allows you to create conversations and educate them without sounding like your pitching them something all the time.  It really is relationship marketing on steroids when you think about it.  People don’t search on Google so much for the things they are buying all the time.  They want it and they go get it.  Advertising and connecting on Facebook can help you let them know you have what they want and you are willing to form relationships with them around their desires.  So to drive local sales you need to be able to target local people and reach them where they are at and Facebook does that for you.
  2. Being able to “GEO Target” people in your area is very important.  Facebook advertising allows you to set parameters to reach people in a certain location such as your city and 20 miles out.
  3. With Facebook, you can easily create and display special offers in your area.  Making those offers time sensitive can drive immediate traffic to your website or through the doors of your business.  We have several ways to create these campaigns here in our office and they are very effective.
  4. You can also target people who have bought from you or used your services in the past.  Not only can you run ads that do this but if they are already fans, you can continue to educate and provide quality content that keeps them coming back over and over.

Facebook Advertising is Cost Effective

One thing we really love about Facebook marketing is that it is extremely cost effective.  You can spend $5 and get the effect of $500.  It really is amplified marketing.  Most of our clients spend between $300 and $1000 per month on Facebook ads.  For a local business, this can really elevate their exposure and get them in front of local consumers on an exponential level.

Tips For A Winning Ad Campaign

First, you need to target the right audience.  This means you have to know who your customer is.  This also means targeting them in the geographical area you want to pull from.  You can also target people based on likes and interest or who love certain products.

Second; give people a reason to click.  Provide a value exchange, coupon offer, limited time offer or something that will entice them to call or click.  People love coupons and they love saving money.  This is one of the most effective ways to get action right away.

Thirdly;  track results.  Many people don’t track their campaigns and so they are shooting blind.  Tracking can help you to refine your campaigns and make them more profitable.

Fourthly; test your ads.  Split testing is when you test one ad against another.  The purpose is to find a message that is converting better by resonating more with your audience.  Many business owners don’t do this and they leave revenue on the table because of it.

Social Media Marketing

You can get started with Facebook marketing for a relatively low cost.  Ad spends range from $300 and up depending on what you want to achieve in your campaign.  Call us today…337-303-2841…we would love to speak with you about Facebook Marketing and its benefits.

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