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Is Your Local Business Suffering To Get New Customers


Your business needs new customers who are looking to the web to find them. You not only need a website that can be found, but you also need one that turns visitors into actual customers. That means a website that attracts, engages, and retains local customers.

Local Website Design That Attracts New Customers


If you are a local business that wants to succeed in your local market these days, you must have a website that speaks to your local audience. This means you need to have a site with content that speaks to your market’s problems and concerns and educates them about your products and services. It needs to be a site that compels them to do business with you, not your competitor.

Let’s face it. With all the competition in any particular market, consumers are having a more challenging time deciding who to do business with, so they are turning to two things…your website and social media.

The average consumer looks at about five websites before deciding who they will call. That means you need to be able to grab their attention and give them a reason to contact you. There are several ways to do this.

Ways To Engage Your Website Visitors


One of the ways you can engage your website visitors is through a special offer or coupon of some sort. Now, we know that some people think this is corny and don’t like doing it but let us remind you that every week, you get special offers sent to your mailbox from some of the biggest brands in the world, incentivizing you to do business with them. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t still be doing it. Think about those black Friday ads, for instance.

People just naturally like a deal. We all want one, and we all look for one. It’s nothing more than a hook to get them to call you, and then you have the opportunity to when them over as a customer for a lifetime. So don’t rule it out.

The second way to engage your local website visitors is to educate them. This is my absolute favorite. When you do some research on Google, you will find that tons of people type in the phrase “how to.” They are looking for simplified, accessible information they can act on immediately. By educating them on your products, services, practice areas, procedures, and more, you are giving them information that will help them make quicker and better decisions. Consumers are geared toward “done for you” solutions.

You can educate them through various means such as blog posts and frequently asked questions, but my favorite way is through video. Video can connect the head with the heart faster and better than any other media. The additional benefit of having a video on your site is that you have a 53% higher chance of ranking on page one of Google if you do. You don’t have to higher a professional video company if you don’t want to. Simple and short videos illustrating your services or products about 1 to 2 minutes long are sufficient.

The third way to engage your local website audience is through what we call “time-sensitive calls to action.” This is simply a special offer like we discussed above but with a little twist. You make it for a specified period with a strong image that encourages them to call before it is too late. Nobody likes to miss a deal.

Local Website Design That Works


Designing a website for a local audience is a little different than preparing for a national company. Several things have to be considered so that you have a great-looking website and one that ranks well when searches are done that are related to your local business. This requires research about your local market and the audience you are trying to reach. It involves understanding your best customer or client and what message will get them.

If you are a local business and you’re looking for a website design company that understands a local business’s needs for web design, give us a call today at 337-789-2150.

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Graphics are important in communicating your message to your potential customers. Attention getting images with spot on messaging increases conversions.

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To be successful on the web, you need a winning website. Not just one that looks good but one that converts visitors in to customers. Our websites are customer driven conversion machines.

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A logo makes a good impression and should grab your visitors attention right away. It should be memorable and reflect your brand and business identity with clarity.

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Your website has a better chance of ranking on Google and converting more customers if it has video on it. We can help you create winning videos that educate and inform your visitors.

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