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Engage your customers on a higher level with attention getting video.

Video Marketing Improves Customer Acquisition and Retention


Your site has a much greater chance of ranking on the first page of the search results if it has a video on it. Video has proven to have higher conversion rates due to higher engagement. If you are not doing a video for your local business, then you need to consider it seriously. Local businesses everywhere are experiencing amazing results with video marketing.

Video Marketing For The Ultimate Engagement


We live in what has been called the “Attention Economy.”

Dr. James McQuivey said that 1.8 million words were the value of a one-minute video.

Do you have the time and energy to write 1.8 million words? That’s the equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages. If you write an average of one web page an hour, it would take you 150 days of writing to achieve the impact of one minute of video. When you look at it that way, online video marketing is the single most practical use for your marketing time and energy.

According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. It gets even better. Of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the ad.

In fact:

  • 26% looked for more information about the subject of the video
  • 22% visited the website named in the ad
  • 15% visited the company represented in the video ad
  • 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad
  • 64%… That’s how much more likely website visitors are to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. In addition, visitors who view videos stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos, comScore says.

What can you take away from this? If you’re not using video marketing, you’re missing out on a huge market opportunity. It’s not just the number of people who are watching a video that is important, but it’s the reasons why they watch it. They are looking for information on products and services and video can connect with them in ways other media cannot. It does so by connecting information with emotion.

Video marketing increases sales and leads. If you’re not using video marketing, you’re losing customers to those who do. Businesses that incorporate video marketing into their overall marketing strategy see higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates, and higher conversion rates. Why would you leave all that value sitting on the table?

Now there are basically 4 online benefits to video marketing:

  1. You can understand the behavior of those viewers who interact with your videos. Understanding how viewers interact can help you develop better and higher converting videos.
  2. Conversions…I have always said that it doesn’t matter how much traffic you have to a website, if you don’t have conversions it is useless. Online retailers have publically said that video can increase purchases by over 35%.
  3. Efficiency…New ways are constantly used to share and broadcast video getting your message out faster than ever before.
  4. Search Engine Optimization…All the major search engines have made video a key factor in the search formulas. Posting an abundance of videos on your website and social media platforms can move you higher in the search rankings making your reach even larger.

Here is a benefit that is really powerful and if you understand it, it can give your business huge traction with a video marketing strategy:

The benefits have to do with videos’ ability to interact with human emotion. Stop and think about it… think about when your watch a movie especially in the theater how the music and video working together pull out your emotions and those emotions are powerful and will make you talk about that movie based on the emotions you felt, good or bad.

  • Video offers the opportunity to use sight and sound to connect emotionally with viewers.
  • Unlike reading, video is passive as people listen and watch while letting a story be told and unfold before them.
  • Video can also entertain and influence viewers by invoking a series of emotions that can effectively connect their hearts and brains with your product or service.

What kind of video should a local business be doing?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, video will showcase it like no other type of media. The thing is, you don’t have to have a Hollywood-style video to make it work for you. People are looking for information, not flashy movie trailers.

If you are product-based retail or wholesale type of business, you can create short product demonstration videos or review videos to give the consumer a feel for that product. If this didn’t work, there would be no infomercials. Infomercials rely on repeated demonstration of a product during their time period to increase sales. The same works with web videos on your website or social media profiles.

If you are a serviced-based business, you can use video to educate your potential customers about your service and what makes you different from others offering that same service. If you are a dentist, you can talk about the treatments you offer and answer commonly asked questions. Attorneys can talk about their practice areas and go into situations that a potential client might be faced with as well as answer questions that recur on a regular basis.

Video marketing takes you and your message to a targeted audience and most cases will rank on the first page of the search engines before a website will. Statistics say that a video is 53% more likely to be on the first page of Google than a website.

We have a free guide to marketing your business online with video…

Video marketing or getting a professional video made is not as expensive as you might think. RMG Web Marketing has the only Green Screen Studio available to the public in Louisiana as well as a portable Green Screen to shoot on location if we need to.

Call for a free consultation today and see how video marketing can fit into your marketing strategy for more traffic to your site and greater conversions.

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