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If you live in the Lafayette, Louisiana area and you are looking for either a totally new website or a redesign, then we have solutions for you.  We have been here in Lafayette for over 9 years and continue to provide outstanding service and websites that work and convert.

Web Design Lafayette, Louisiana:  Attract, Convert and Retain New Customers

Lafayette Website DesignOne mistake many business owners make is that they don’t keep up with current trends and the evolution of the website design.  Most don’t have the time to do it, some don’t know to do it and others don’t want to pay someone else to do it.  This is unfortunate as the internet and doing business on the internet is not going away.  If you fail to adjust now, you will get so far behind that playing catch up will be even more costly to you.

Our websites should always be evolving and adapting to how people are searching and engaging businesses on the web.  We need to stay on the cutting edge and moving forward with our web presence.  That means we need to evaluate and measure the activity on our sites to see if web visitors are slipping through the cracks and we are losing them because our sites are not user friendly and engaging.

Online success is all about understanding our markets and then delivering to them what they want.  Our web designs need to make this easy for them but if you have not studied your market and got an idea of who your target audience is, your website is going to fail miserably.  It has to invite them in and then call them to take action.

Don’t let your web design grow stale

There are some questions you need to ask yourself about your website.  One of them is simply “am I getting traffic?’  Who is coming to your site and how often?  Who many unique visitors do you have?  What is your total site visits?  How long are they staying on your site?  How many pages do they look at when they visit your site?  Are they looking at your website on mobile devices?  All of these are important questions and you need to get a grasp on them in order to begin to measure for website success.

If you are getting traffic to your site but you are not converting, it is a good sign that your site design is stale and lacking the elements needed in order to increase conversions.  You may not have good and prominent calls to action.  Your web copy could be to complicated and written on too high a level for your sites visitors.  The colors can even be a turn off and decrease the effectiveness of the site.  Someone may have found your site on their phone but because it was not mobile friendly they quickly left.

Gone are the days of little do it yourself sites that you can put up and get some business off of it and whatever you do, don’t be deceived by those television commercials that want you to buy into their web based site builder and then tell you a couple of clicks later your going to start getting found online.  You will get found alright…on page 100 of the results if even that good.  Winning web design requires thought, planning and effort in order to get that return on investment you are looking for.  If you website is not making you money, you might need to look at getting it evaluated by someone like us that knows how to create high converting websites.

All too often we get calls from people who say they have pretty sites but no business.  Pretty doesn’t mean effective.  One of the most effective websites we have ever done was a one page site that was pretty ugly but it was meant to be that way because we wanted visitors to understand the pain behind the problem we were trying to solve.  It is a fine line but you can have a nice looking website that converts well also but don’t get totally hung up on the looks.

Web Design Lafayette, Louisiana – Get The Results You Are Looking For

If you are not getting the results you are looking for online, then get your site evaluated.  We will be glad to set down with you and help you understand all the possibilities and effect website design can have for you.  You will be surprised when we begin to show you missed opportunities and how your site can become a real powerhouse for you that makes your real money.  Don’t put it off any longer.  Call us today at 337-303-2841 or come by our office at 601 Loire Ave. Suite C, Lafayette, Louisiana 70507.

We also do web design for businesses through out Louisiana and the United States.  We are a top Louisiana web design company with a great reputation in creating sites that bring return on investment.  Call now.